Monday, December 6, 2021
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    The supply chain of the future is purpose-driven and supported by intelligent technology

    The retail supply chain is large and complex, and constantly needs to adapt to meet changing demand from end consumers. The need for multi-channel...

    Smart peacekeeping on the agenda at SAPICS 2020

    If the term “smart peacekeeping” conjures up scenes from the blockbuster science fiction movies RoboCop, in which a cyborg policeman wages war on criminals,...

    Deepfakes: what they are and how to spot them

    Concern around the potential for deepfake technology to compromise American security and society has led to the drafting of new legislation. Called the Deepfake Report...

    Office security: new tech is making all the difference

    New technology advancements are taking office security into a new era of convenience and affordability. With business owners spending a fortune in office set-ups,...

    The digital building: transparent and autonomous

    By Eike-Oliver Steffen, Head of Service and Solution Portfolio, Siemens Building Technologies More and more companies are boosting employee loyalty and efficiency through a positive...

    Military increases use of body worn cameras

    Technavio, a tech-focused market research organisation, has presented a new report on the global military body-worn camera market, which is projected to grow at...

    Vanderbilt’s CEO Joe Grillo discuss market trends

    In an interview with Detektor TV Magazine, Joe Grillo, managing director of Vanderbilt, discusses how the company is establishing its name in Europe and...
    Top technology trends

    Top technology trends for 2017

    From artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things (IoT), far-reaching innovations are unfolding in virtually every technology sector around the globe, continuing to change...
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