Sunday, December 5, 2021
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    Heavy winds and summer heat waves — is your security system ready?

    The change in season brings changing weather patterns to all parts of the country.
    Monitoring the integrity of your procurement

    Who’s monitoring the integrity of your procurement?

    Procurement fraud accounts for 16% of the economic crime experienced by South African corporates. Many business leaders are also expecting this to become even...

    Nice way of controlling vehicular access

    Cape Town based ET Nice has used the national lockdown as an opportunity to develop and launch two cost-effective and highly efficient vehicular access...

    Black Friday – a golden opportunity for SA retailers

    Given that cash is still the most preferred method of payment in South Africa, Black Friday promises to be a cash bonanza for both...

    A safe and secure shopping scenario for Palms Shopping Mall, Nigeria

    The Palms Shopping Mall (Lekki Shoprite) is a very famous shopping centre located in the downtown area of Lagos’s Victoria Island in Nigeria. This large...

    People counting for increased retail success

    Counting people who enter your mall or store throughout the day can help you to improve your operations in a number of ways. It...

    Deep learning technology in smart retail solution

    In this ever-expanding era of artificial intelligence (AI), Deep Learning will soon become the foundational technology for the security industry. Technologies that “learn” will...
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    Avoid being a victim of robberies on public holidays

    For criminals public holidays can be good for business. It is their time to take advantage of the increase in footfall resulting in increased...
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