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    The Rudolf Weber-Arena is one of Germany’s largest multi-purpose arenas and can hold up to 12,700 spectators

    One of Germany’s largest multi-purpose arenas upgraded with safety and security technology from Bosch

    From sporting events and shows to parties and concerts – whatever happens at the Rudolf Weber-Arena in Oberhausen, Germany, up to 12,700 spectators can be on hand to cheer on their idols. The venue is extremely popular with spectators and event organizers alike – not only because of the great variety of events on offer, but also because its size and central location in the Ruhr area.
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    Rethinking security: Why on-premise infrastructure is no longer enough

    Traditional companies often cling to on-premise infrastructure, believing it to be the safest solution. However, recent evidence suggests that the paradigm is shifting, with cloud-based security solutions proving to be more robust and adaptive.
    Bosch, building management

    Bosch expands service suite for digital building management

    At the end of last year, Bosch Building Technologies launched Nexospace, a digital service suite for efficient and sustainable building management that networks and integrates IoT-supported service solutions on a cloud platform. The Nexospace Fire System Analyzer has now been joined by the latest service, the Nexospace Energy Manager, plus additional services.
    Gallagher Security, Command Centre

    Richer features, greater integrations with the release of Gallagher Security’s Command Centre v9

    Gallagher Security is proud to announce the latest release of their award-winning security site management software, Command Centre v9 today.
    Headquarter Bosch Building Technologies, Grasbrunn, Germany, systems integration

    Realignment: Bosch Building Technologies to focus on systems integration business

    Most of the product business to be sold. Bosch aims to consolidate its capabilities to achieve a globally leading position in the systems integration market. Setup, growth opportunities, and expertise offer purchasers a good position from which to develop the product business.
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    LogRhythm Partners with Qatari Diar to Secure Digital Transformation in the Real Estate Sector...

    Qatari Diar deploys LogRhythm SIEM to deliver local and global innovation in real estate development with a secure foundation for digital growth 
    Corridor Africa Technologies

    Enhancing telecom infrastructure performance and security

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral component in various industries, including telecommunications. It empowers the sector with the ability to analyse extensive data and make intelligent decisions, leading to numerous applications that enhance the management, performance, and security of telecom infrastructure.
    Bosch Building Technologies, established project partner, Munich Airport, 1992

    From analog to digital – Bosch implements networked public address and voice alarm solution...

    From analog to digital – Bosch implements networked public address and voice alarm solution for Munich Airport
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    Celebrating Africa’s top 5 smart cities: Showcasing progress and prowess

    Amid all the headlines about weakening currencies, rising inflation, and political instability, it is easy to get caught up in the negatives, but there is a lot to celebrate on our continent. As we come to the end of Africa Month in May and we approach the African Smart Cities Summit[1] in June, it is a great time to recognise the remarkable advancements in Africa's top-performing smart cities.
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    Security threats in schools need to be proactively monitored to avoid the high costs...

    Loadshedding continues to pose a number of risks. Aside from causing property damage and business disruptions, it has also increased security risks in an economy grappling with unemployment and crime. Despite this, security has not been beefed up in most schools. More than 13 million learners have returned to school for the 2023 academic year, at the country’s 22 740 public and 2 150 independent schools.
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    Facing the high seas: Why South Africa’s upgraded ports will need a high-tech security...

    South Africa’s maritime infrastructure and ports are on a journey of revitalisation and expansion. In July this year, the Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) announced it will invest at least R16 billion in port infrastructure development over the next seven years, including ports in Cape Town, Saldanha, and Mossel Bay.
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    When it comes to growing your cloud solutions business, customers are looking for value,...

    Infrastructure is the foundation upon which businesses thrive and managed service providers build their businesses, but in today’s environment you need to offer unique solutions that show your customers value if you intend to grow, says Andrew Cruise, Routed Managing Director. Routed is a leading vendor-neutral specialist VMware Cloud provider in South Africa.
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    Is climate change to blame for KwaZulu-Natal’s flood damage?

    A month ago, floods in the country’s eastern KwaZulu-Natal province killed 489 people, destroyed 4,000 houses, and displaced about 40,000 residents. Flooding started when a cut-off low-pressure system delivered extremely high rainfall levels of 450 mm in some areas in just 48 hours.
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    Largest threat to industrial control systems

    Industroyer is a sophisticated and extremely dangerous malware designed to disrupt critical industrial processes.
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    BitCo brings best fibre to the cloud to conference

    Local business telecoms provider BitCo will be introducing Fibre to the Cloud (FTTC) for the first time at the 2016 Cloud & Hosting Conference. The conference will be held at Gallagher Estate on 25 May and will be attended by South Africa’s top cloud and hosting executives and IT professionals.
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    Making technology work for you, from silicon chips to smart phones

    No one buys technology just for the sake of technology. If that were the case, we might all have pockets full of silicon chips instead of smartphones. To have value, technology has to help people achieve more. It has to make life easier.