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    Strong customer gains and standout US growth helps Entersekt solidify market position    

    Entersekt, a global leader in transaction authentication solutions for financial fraud prevention, today announced strong growth in both revenue and number of customers, fueled by continued US expansion and strategic partnerships. Since the investment by Accel-KKR in fiscal 2022, Entersekt has seen its business outside of South Africa accelerate rapidly with contracted annual recurring revenue increase by 191%, and nearly 220% growth in US-based customers in fiscal 2023 alone. 
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    Digital transformation is not a business strategy

    Business leaders would do well to understand that digitisation is an operational approach and tactic that can help improve or develop their strategy; it is not a strategy in and of itself, says Andrew Cruise, Managing Director of Routed, a local VMware Cloud Verified provider and VMware Principal Partner.
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    Guardian Eye, HikVision and TRSS collaborate to create security and intelligence at the edge

    Guardian Eye, an Internet of Things enabled remote monitoring and surveillance service provider, HikVision, a top-of-the-line IoT solutions and video security system provider, and TRSS, an Armed Response and Guarding company, have partnered to create a strategic partnership that delivers security and intelligence at the edge.
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    Top reasons moving your on-premise business to the cloud gives you an advantage

    Cloud provides businesses with unparalleled safety, expansive storage capabilities, and a host of other benefits. However, a number of South African businesses have delayed the move from on-premises to cloud – often for all the wrong reasons, says Carey van Vlaanderen, Chief Executive Officer at ESET Southern Africa
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    Serious consequences for companies that invoice via email

    South Africa's largest law firm, ENSafrica, has recently been ordered to pay a cybercrime victim R5.5 million after a syndicate successfully hacked into a client's email during a property transaction. The hackers altered the bank account number in a PDF invoice sent by the law firm, resulting in the client losing a substantial amount of money.
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    The foundation of secure hybrid work lies in zero-trust

    As more and more knowledge workers are opting for hybrid work models due to the increased freedom and flexibility, it presents both benefits and challenges to IT organisations. The research suggests that 57% of workers prefer hybrid work, which not only improves their engagement, productivity, and wellbeing but also causes IT security headaches.
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    Gallagher predicts – “Championing the customer in 2023 will drive access control innovations”

    Global security manufacturer, Gallagher is predicting the global market will remain difficult for businesses throughout 2023 but believes that its customer-centric strategy will help the company to innovate its way to delivering outstanding value to customers, despite a challenging economy.
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    67% of Companies Admit They Have Lost Deals Because of Low Confidence in Their...

    67% of Companies Admit They Have Lost Deals Because of Low Confidence in Their Security Strategy, According to Research from LogRhythm
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    Create modern business success with identity orchestration platforms

    A modern business performs best when it is flexible, combining and growing a horizontal stable of services and products that appeal to customers on a personal level whilst providing the best customer experience that is simple, safe, and convenient.
    Exclusive Networks Africa

    Total trust’ versus Zero Trust: Exclusive Networks Africa proposes a different digital future while...

    As part of the global parent company, Exclusive Networks Africa has aligned with the organisation’s unique ‘local sale, global scale’ model, combining the extreme focus and value of local independents with the scale and service delivery of a single worldwide cybersecurity powerhouse.
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    Are you telling your board what they need to hear about security?

    Digital is risky. As companies digitise, they gain greater efficiency, flexibility, and opportunity. But they add more risk. Digital systems are rewarding targets for criminals because they store vast amounts of valuable information and access to business processes, such as payments. More employees rely on and work through digital channels, increasing opportunities for criminals to strike. Overall, the digital era creates a new risk-reward type that business leaders and board rooms must take seriously.
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    Understanding the value of predictive modelling for business optimisation in uncertain times

    Predictive modelling is a critical component for any business looking to optimise their operations. As the name suggests, it entails forecasting outcomes for a business based on different permutations. “Having access to highly predictive models for driving organisational insights and intelligent decisions during today’s uncertain times and in a fast pace digital world has become a priority,” says Ryan Wedlake, data analyst at PBT Group.
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    CFO resigns from Flir

    Flir Systems' Amit Singhi, senior vice-president, finance and chief financial officer, has resigned effective 31 July, 2017.
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    Useful business tips for success

    The largest, most comprehensive study of small and medium-sized business enterprises (SMEs) show that smaller firms are stagnant in both turnover and employment growth. A recent article by Standard Bank further claims that on average, about 50% of all start-up businesses in South Africa fail within 2 years due to the inability and inexperience of their owners.
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    Avoid long term contracts at all costs

    Building and managing a successful business in today's challenging economic environment is an art. Whilst companies have no option but to embrace technology, to take advantage of the efficiencies and cost savings it has to offer, they need to avoid long term contracts at all costs.