Live Webinar | Security Master Chef: a visibility and response recipe for any cloud environment


Organizations are adopting cloud services at a rapid speed, and security incidents are spanning across on-premises, multi-cloud platforms, and many unique or interconnected SaaS Apps. Pair this with Gartner’s prediction that by 2023 “at least 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault” – this could be a recipe for disaster.

With security teams struggling to be more proactive and fast enough to establish visibility in the cloud, important preparation steps for incident response are being missed. And any ‘Master Chef’ knows that prep is key to any winning dish. Join this webinar to:

  • Learn the recipe for speeding up security team efforts, from understanding the risk surface to operationalization
  • Learn how to implement the key ingredients of intelligent detection, investigation and response across multiple cloud services
  • Find out how to use ‘the secret sauce’ of intelligent alert prioritization to focus on what matters most
  • See how the detection of a common risk factor such as API Credential Leakage is baked in end-to-end

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